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Deckard the notebook people

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Bespoke Notebook can be personalised and differentiated from the everyday notebooks using the many cover materials and colours that we offer. 

Bespoke Notebook Cover Materials & Colours Examples below:

Notebooks and Journals  are widely used, taken everywhere and offer a great opportunity for you to brand and personalise them so your message or brand shines out. They are frequently used and are an essential business tool so it is essential you maximise the branding opportunity.


The first consideration is what cover material do you want and how it will be branded. We offer the widest choice of premium quality covers available in the UK: Check the Photos and available colours to create your corporate notebook gift design:


Smooth PU – premium grade, Thermo PU leaves a slight contrast at  the bottom of an embossed logo and feels soft to the touch with a lustrous feel. The PU is 0.9mm thick which allows for deep 3D embossing and great quality Foil Blocking. We can also  screen print onto smooth PU or use ink jet print usually on a white notebook cover. – we offer Smooth Thermo PU in 75 colours and can supply Pantone matched PU for orders in excess of 8000 Notebooks.

Textured PU – The PU is indented with many different patterns to give it an interesting, tactile feel which also gives a great contrast to an embossed logo

Leatherette – A PU layer with a light leather grain look make this the classic style Bespoke Notebook style – this is ideal for foil blocking or embossing 

PU Leather – PU with many different leather grains (also known as Vegan Leather) no animals were killed for this leather and it’s difficult to tell from the real thing with our custom leather notebooks. The thermal PU properties make them ideal for embossing or a foil printed logo 

 Felt – 100% Polyester Felt cover in many colours can carry an embroidered logo for added impact

Cotton Fabric – These look and feel different and give a custom notebook style. A cotton notebook has a textile cover which looks and feels different

Book Cloth Covers – Distinctive library book classic style cover is hard wearing and available in many colours

Linen Notebook covers – These look great and prestigious and are available in many colours and finishes. The linen cover gives them a highly distinctive appearance

Printed paper over board covers – We can give these a Matt, gloss or soft feel laminate finish and produce the highest quality  printed cover notebooks which are then applied to a rigid board backing. We can achieve  90% colour accuracy to pantone match a notebook cover using our Heidleberg printer.

Wiro Bound Notebooks This is Board or card cover which is embossed or printed with a Coloured Wirobound fitting mechanism – the wire can be colour matched 

Eco Friendly Notebook covers – We supply virgin or recycled Kraft Board covers, cardboard or our very latest biodegradable notebook covers made from Tree Bark Fibres so the notebook will rot to nothing when buried 

Hi Viz & Neon PU – These highly visible Notebook covers make your notebook really stand out and difficult to lose and are a great idea for a promotional notebook  

Specials We can add a metal frame or a moulded metal stud to focus attention and highlight the customised notebook

 High quality, well designed Bespoke notebooks complement your brand and are more than just sheets of paper. We offer you the ability to make them unique and can easily turn it into a sales / information tool where you can also sell your products and services by using the low cost  internal printed full colour pages,