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kraft eco notebooks

Kraft Notebooks

A budget eco-friendly notebook that doesnʼt compromise on looks or feel

Kraft paper is increasing in popularity as it will quickly degrade once in the soil without leaving unwanted chemicals. Kraft means “strength” in German where is was invented.

Now in many standard colours

Kraft paper normally comes in a brown paper but we can source many different colours and textures giving you more design options in creating a environmentally friendly notebook.

Is kraft paper environmentally friendly?

Kraft paper is naturally biodegradable: like tree leaves, the paper breaks down into cellulose fibres naturally in just a few weeks and can be entirely absorbed.

Kraft Notebooks Include

contrast colour elastic closure

Bookmark Ribbon

Our ribbons come in a range of colours & can be further customised.

full colour inner fly sheets

Full Colour Pages

4-8 full colour pages at the front of notebook

mercedes Inner page

Logo on each Page

Logo or message displayed on each page

Notebook Options

  • Kraft Paper in Brown or Black.
  • Kraft paper in different colours – can be soft, smooth or textured feel.
  • White Kraft paper covers are printed in your pantone colour – we can also print the interior end paper and fly pages for greater impact.

At the front of the notebook, we can include 4 to 8 pages of full colour content which could be used for:

Product promotions

Useful company Information

Conference and exhibition organisers could sell advertising space on these pages so instead of simply giving away free notebooks they can get a return on their investment.

We use Heidelberg Printers so the print quality is excellent and our pricing is low making these Eco notebooks a great option.