Biodegradable ECO Notebook Covers

Our Notebook is the Biodegradable Eco Notebook with the covers made from Tree Pulp fibres available in 18 colours. The  silky, slightly textured feel is ideal for print or or embossing and we supply this with 70gsm white recycled pages or 80gsm FSC approved pages with a biodegradable Tencel bookmark ribbon.

Most other Notebook covers are not degradable so will last forever whilst our new covers will biodegrade. Kraft board covers are made from paper but the are brown and lack visual impact.or feel

We include a 120 x 70gsm white recycled paper lined pages in our rigid cover version  or 120  80gsm FSC approveed pages in our flexible notebook cover version. The bookmark ribbon is made from Tencel in 18 colours and also biodegradable. The elastic closure and pen loop on the rigid cover is not degradable because of the elastic but everything else can degrade so these notebooks are truly eco friendly.

We have these in stock in Black, Red, Navy, White and Grey ( MOQ 50 Books) and they are also available as Bespoke notebooks for greater personalisation where your logo is printed on each inner page and we can add a host of branding options ( MOQ 8

Eco Books

Brand New Eco Friendly Biodegradable cover Notebooks made from tree bark fibres in 16 colours.

Until now, most Notebook covers were made from PU and were not biodegradable. Cardboard covers will degrade, but they are the same brown colour and not that interesting or versatile but our Eco Books are biodegradable and the textured, tactile feel is ideal for embossing, foil, screen or inkjet printing your logo.

We can make bespoke notebooks using the wide range of branding techniques for orders in excess of 500 and we stock the most popular colours in the UK for smaller quantities and shorter lead times. Our stock range is:

Eco Rigid Notebooks

Eco-friendly rigid cover in Black, Navy, Grey, Red, White & many more colours. With 120 x 70gsm lined, recycled white inner and plain white 150g  fly pages plus inside back cover pocket, biodegradable self-colour bookmark ribbon, elastic closure & pen loop.

Eco Flex Notebooks

Eco-friendly Flexible cover in Black, Navy, Grey, Red, White and many more. With 120 x 80gsm FSC approved, lined white pages, Black recycled fly pages and biodegradable self-colour bookmark ribbon.

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