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Bespoke Notebooks

Bespoke Notebooks remain highly popular and are carried by users to meetings and conferences and are one of the few business items frequently used and referred to . They offer a unique opportunity to advertise your brand and service to the user, you have in effect a captive audience and it’s essential that you create a Bespoke Notebook that is unique to your company or event to gain maximum impact. Bespoke Notebooks have more gravitas compared  to a simple notebook with a branded cover and look more impressive – they are a gift worth giving or receiving. We have supplied many 000’s of bespoke notebooks and the photos below show some of the designs we have supplied.

How to design your bespoke notebook

Our strength is making high quality, Bespoke Notebooks. We offer more notebook covers and branding options than any other supplier. The below steps detail how you can create your own notebook, it should stand out, be easily identifiable and complement your company image.


  1. Decide size, quantity and style of notebook required (rigid cover v flexible cover)
  2. What cover colour & material and branding
  3. Page colour & design required – the notebook gives you a captive audience to display your company or event details to. We can highlight this by the addition of affordable custom printed colour pages
  4. The bookmark ribbon, elastic or pen loop colour can add a simple but effective contrast to the book
  5. Use the many branding options available to make the book unique to your brand – the better it looks the greater the impact and better value for money you get
There is a lot you can do to make your Bespoke Notebook unique and we list below the points you should consider. A well designed notebook works harder for you and gives greater value for money.

Notebook Size Hardback or Flexible cover (Step 1)

Notebook Size and Cover Hard/Soft

Notebook Size – most notebooks come in the regular A5 size but you can order A6 pocket size or large A4 in hardback or flexible cover.

Flexible Cover with the option of a contrast inner PU colour.  For more examples click here

Notebook Cover Materials (Step 2)

We offer the widest choice of high quality, cover materials in the UK in a wide range of colours.  All covers are long lasting and their  advantage is how they look and feel.

Smooth Thermo PU – the thermal effect gives a subtle contrast to an embossed logo and has a luxury soft feel our range has 75 colours and is premium quality.   For more examples click here

Textured PU – these come in a wide range of patterns to give a tactile feel and look different. They enhance an embossed logo but are not suitable for print.  For more examples please click here

PU Leather – (also known as Vegan Leather)  – We supply several different versions from a subtle grain effect to a full  bodied Cow Hide in many colours.  For more examples please click here

Book Cloth – the same hard-wearing cover found on traditional library books in over 50 colours.  More book cloth examples

Metallic High Viz PU – (also known as Vegan Leather)  – these covers look different and Hi Tech.  More High Viz , Metallic notebook covers

Paper Over Board – printed high quality paper using our Heidelberg printer applied to a card backing. We can pantone match the paper and give it a matt, gloss or soft feel laminate finish. We can add a Varnish or UV finish to highlight parts of the print.

See more paper over board notebook covers

Leatherette – (paper leather) – the classic notebook cover with a feint leather pattern.

Leatherette paper examples and polyurethane examples

Linen, Cotton, Pearlescent – Moire Silk cover these materials look different and stand out with a great, textured feel.

See more linen and cotton notebook covers

Felt Cover – Soft feel Felt comes in numerous colours and has a soft feel texture. We can emboss or embroider your logo.

See more Felt covers

Kraft Board – Made from virgin or recycled card these covers are eco friendly and ideal for print or embossing.

See more Kraft board covers notebook covers

Wiro Bound Cover – We can supply these with printed paper over board or thick board covers and pantone match Wiro bound closure.

See more Wiro bound notebook covers

ECO Friendly

ECO Friendly – made from tree bark fibres these covers are biodegradable and when used with biodegradable ribbons and recycled sheets are truly Green.  More eco friendly notebooks rigid and flex covers

Notebook Paper (Step 3)

We print each notebook to order and can include your logo on each page (we usually print the lower r/h).

Choose from white, Ivory or cream paper with a printed lines, grids, or dotted patterns or a combination or one of the many style options shown on our site, Paper weights are 70gsm, 80gsm 100gsm or as high as 150gsm for that extra quality feel. We also offer 70gsm recycled paper pages. We can supply stock colours or pantone matched fly pages to add contrast and to make the book look more interesting and we can also print your details on the fly pages (we include a 1 colour print in the price).  The pages can be perforated so they are easy to remove.  See more on notebook paper 

Bookmark ribbon, elastic, pen loop colours (Step 4)

Bookmarks Elastic Pen Loops – We can add single, double or triple ribbons in single or multiple colours and get close to most pantone colours for the elastic. We can pantone dye them for a additional charge.  See more examples

Branding Options (Step 5)

We offer a huge variety of branding options to make the notebook unique to you and more memorable to the user it should reflect your brand and not be a forgettable giveaway.  

Contrast colour – or metal foil paper edge, your logo can be printed on the paper edge or the edge can be printed in multiple colours.  See more branding options.

Watermark – the inner pages for a high quality look.  See more branding options.

We can print high quality full colour pages inside the notebook so you can inform the user of your event details or your products or services. The notebook is a great opportunity to gain the users undivided attention which you can exploit.  See more branding options.

Full colour belly wrap to convey further information or branding.  See more branding options.

We can add elastic, cord, string, metal clasp, chrome button with elastic, magnetic or velcro closures to the notebook.  See more branding options.

Contrast colour spine – section with your printed logo.  See more branding options.

Labels sewn onto notebook cover with your printed logo.  See more branding options.

Full or part cover embossing inside and outside of the note books.  See more branding options.

Metal accessories such as a metal frame to cover, cast metal insert in cover and engraved metal discs on the bookmark ribbon. See more accessories.

Supplied with a branded pen in pen loop or without.  See more branding options.

Inside cover envelope pocket or business card holder.  See more branding options.

Printed storage boxes or cases available notebooks can have shrink wrapping or packed in biodegradable plastic bags.  See more branding options.

Your logo printed on ribbon or a colour contrast to the ribbon.  See more branding options.

Branded pens can be ready placed in your notebooks pen loop see more pens

We will confirm all orders with a detailed visual to avoid any confusion. We can also deliver by sea and train at much lower prices – please ask for details and and let us know the type of notebook you want the paper and colours and any of the branding options and accessories in the information above and we’ll get back to you shortly.