Biodegradable Notebook Eco covers made from tree bark fibres

Our New Biodegradable Notebook Eco covers ensure the notebook wil rot to nothing once it is fully used and discarded. Most other notebook covers  are not biodegardable and wil stay in ground for hundreds of years. Cardboard covers will degrade but these are often lifeless whereas our New Eco covers have a slight textured feel and are very tactile. They are perfect for an embossed or printed logo and are hard wearing and won’t easily tear like cardboard

We offer these as bespoke notebooks in 18 colours where we can make them to your unique design or as stock notebooks ready  to be branded in the UK in 5 days in 

Black, Grey, Navy, Red or White  

Biodegradability is becoming increasingly important as so much promotional products will eventually go to landfill and our new ECO books help to address this.

We include 120 x 70gsm white, lined recycled pages and use a newly launched biodegradable ribbon in our Rigid cover stock ECO notebook  with the elastic closure and 120 x 80gsm  FSC approved white lined pages in our stock Flexible ECO Notebook versions without the elastic  plus the biodegradable ribbon  

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